Marvin D. Cloud is the founder of mybestseller Publishing Company. His life’s mission is to help othersMarvinDCloud preserve their stories of courage, hope, and motivation, and inspiration for future generations. In his early years, he learned that a life worth living was worth writing down. And since he believes that everyone has a story, his goal is to develop a program that helps common, everyday people to share their “personal bestsellers” with the rest of the world.

     Learning to read at age four, he added writing to his passion when as a child his thin-framed body left him unable to successfully compete in organized sports. In high school, he began to showcase his writing skills, which eventually led to his becoming News Editor of “The Aegis,” Sam Houston High School’s newspaper, during his senior year. During this time, he also began to freelance as a writer for area community papers. This led him to pursue a degree in journalism at the University of Texas at San Antonio.

     Illness forced him to drop out of college and return to Houston, but he continued developing his passion for communication. He soon discovered that effective communication was the foundation of every successful relationship–emotional, financial, physical or spiritual. To learn more about the publishing industry, he took a part-time, temporary job working in distribution for the Wall St. Journal. Several promotions and 10 years later, he resigned to pursue his first dream of being a publisher, having started a local church news publication a few years earlier.

     While working closely with members of different denominations and church affiliations,he began to encounter many people who wanted to publish their life stories and other stories of inspiration. He earnestly began researching the book publishing industry and was able to use the information he gained to act as a consultant to several writers in the city. He successfully published the magazine for 14 years, closing it in 1996.

In 1997, he joined one of America’s leading printers and one of the top 25 U.S. pre-press providers. As a pre-press operator for the next five years, he vastly increased his knowledge concerning new software, technologies and processes in the printing industry. Many of these he would incorporate in the formation of his latest venture.

The subject of public relations and marketing became another passion when, concurrently, he stepped into a startup situation for an alternative weekly newspaper in Houston. There, he forged relationships with public relations people and marketing executives across the country. This also led to his desire to study everything that he could about the discipline.

The vast diversity of his publishing and printing know-how over the last 34 years has sharpened his capability to observe, impart wisdom and teach people how to write their own personal bestsellers. His years of study, practical experience and wealth of knowledge have established him as an expert in the book publishing industry.

In addition, he currently serves as an associate minister at the New Pleasant Green MBC under the leadership of Pastor Derrick T. Jones.

Marvin and his wife of 32 years, Gwenevere M. Cloud, business development manager at Gulfgate Dodge Chrysler Jeep, have one daughter, Gwennitta Deniece Cloud, 30, and one grandson, Marvin D. Cloud, II, three-years-old.


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