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A Book Partnership With Yourself


Almost every successful author has a horror story concerning rejections by major publishers. However, you must put yourself in the publisher's shoes. The publisher's business is selling books. The company acquires manuscripts which it hopes will sell…well. A publisher finances the publishing of your book. In the case of self-publishing, you are financing its publication, […]

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Self Publishing Good News and Bad News


The good news is:  Self Publising has tripled five years. The number of self-published books produced annually in the U.S. has nearly tripled, growing 287 percent since 2006, and now tallies more than 235,000 print and “e” titles, according to a new analysis of data from Bowker® Books In Print and Bowker® Identifier Services.” The bad news […]

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Should You Publish Independently?


Nearly 30 years ago, during my early career in publishing (although it was in another arena), self-publishing didn't enjoy the reputation it does today. Back then, it was more like, "Oh, no one would publish it, eh?" The unspoken words hinted that perhaps your writing wasn't good. Nevermind that independent authors (as I like to […]

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